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Roku Streaming Setup Process Step by Step? - Charligeorge - 05-29-2020

Roku TV is a very easy and reliable streaming device to connect you with high-quality content online on your TV like TV Shows, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Cartoon and other programs.

It launched its 1st media streaming app ‘Netflix’ in 2008 and released the first TV streaming device in 2012. Today the dealing of Roku Premiere +, Roku Ultra, Roku Express are standing as a competitor against Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k, Amazon Firestick with Alexa Voice Remote.

Now here we are providing the information about Set up of Roku Streaming Stick Device. Follow these steps one by one and connect your Roku TV.

1.Attach your Roku Stick on your TV’s HDMI port first
2.Setup HDMI option on your Television
3.After Plugin and getting the power on your Roku TV come on next step Language Setup
4.Put batteries on your remote and check automatically your remote will appear on your tv screen
5.After that choose your wireless network and set a password
6.Then it will show Download update, automatically restart after update
7.To activate your Roku Device, connect your Roku account
8.After that you will appear a page of payment, you can skip
9.Now you are ready to all set and enjoy your favorite content

With this last step, your Roku Setup process has completed successfully. Now you can go for further process or you can pay for paid channels and more content.

If you want to use Kodi on Roku then ready to understand how you can do it because Kodi is not compatible with Roku directly but they found 2 ways to connect Kodi on Roku. To know this you have to know about Install Kodi on Roku.

There are 2 ways to connect Kodi with Roku. One is Get Kodi on Roku Using Windows PC and second is Get Kodi on Roku using Smart TV. To get more information stay connected with us.

RE: Roku Streaming Setup Process Step by Step? - vydernugadaa2 - 09-19-2020