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The brand new Rolex Oyster Sky-Dweller - LilithMurray - 06-03-2020

Sky-Dweller, with its 14 patens, offers necessary information for the world traveler and let them master their time easily during the journey. It has a dual time zone, that is, central hand at the dial indicates the local time while another off-center 24 hour dial display the reference time. It also has an innovative calendar, namely, Saros, which was inspired by an astronomical phenomenon. Calendar needs to be adjusted during every year's February and March. In addition, 12 small apertures are set on the bezel which display month. 

Sky-Dweller is the masterpiece in the watch industry and a final result of Rolex's delicate techniques. It is easy to operate. In the middle of bezel and moment lie a Ring Command rotating outer ring which is a quick adjustment to the local time, reference time and calendar. 

Sky-Dweller has a new 9001 movement which is completely developed by Rolex and get COSC certificate. 9001 movement is precise, stable and reliable, and when it is placed on the Sky-Dweller, that fully expresses Rolex's innovation and creation spirit. 

Rolex, launching Sky-Dweller, once again showed the public its delicate techniques and continues its efforts on Oyster series. 

Oyster Sky-Dweller is fitted with a dual time zone which is easy to read and set it. The new way of presenting itself gives a different Rolex sense of beauty.

Dual Time Zone
During the travelling, the local time can be read from the off-center rotating bezel. This 24 hour dial can display daytime and nighttime, so wherever and whenever you are, you will know clearly whether it is a right time to chat with your friend on another hemisphere. 

Central hand indicating destination time
Travelling destination time can be read from the central hour hand, minute hand and second hand and could be adjusted through a quick adjustment system, making sure the local time would not be interfered by the reference time.  aswisswatches

RE: The brand new Rolex Oyster Sky-Dweller - vydernugadaa2 - 09-19-2020