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How To Cut Lace Off Lace Fontal Wig - Hairinbeauty - 06-16-2020

The lace front wig provides the wearer with the opportunity to personalize and customize their hairline, thus making the wig look more natural. You can customize the hair and hairline to make it perfectly suit your style.
The primary reason for choosing these wigs is that everyone likes natural, undetectable hairlines.
However, many women say that they can't cut lace very well and can't make their hair perfect. Today we will solve this problem for you.

Tools Needed To Cut The Lace

Before preparing to lose lace, you need to prepare the necessary tools
Wig Head- or you can choose to cut the lace while the wig is on their head.
Scissors or razor

Clips-used to clip away access hair.
Be sure to gather all your tools prior to cutting the lace off of your wig.

How to cut the lace

Step 1: Put Wig On or Place Wig on Wig Head
The most important thing to do in this step is making sure your lace lays flat and where you plan on wearing it.
When putting the hair on wig head, use your pins to lay your lace flat.
When placing the wig on your head, use clips to clip the wig down or use the adjustable strap in the back.
Step 2: Cut The hair near your ears
Clip any excess hair out of your way. Doing this allows you to see better as well as ensuring you do not cut off any extra hair or lace.
Now, cut the lace nearest to your ear and around the ear on both sides if necessary.
Step 3: Cut off part
Splitting the lace into several sections allows more space to create the desired natural hairline.
Make your first cut straight down to the middle of the lace.
Next cut your temple
Finally, cut your temples and ears
Finally, I started trimming slowly, because the entire hairline looks more natural
Step 4: Glue the lace (optional step)
Use glue, tape or glue to tie the lace to your head. Cover your head with a silk scarf for about ten minutes to ensure that your edges and adhesive are spread.

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