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Gold Surges as US Faces Escalating Tensions Home and Abroad - xysoom - 06-19-2020

The escalating protests in US fueled markets risk-aversion, injecting strong momentum into the gold market that pushed gold to surge above the key 1740 right after opening.
  After a black man George Floyd was killed to police brutality of a caucasian police officer in Minnesota, the resulting protests kept on escalating, which turned the market risk-off.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  According to Kitcos weekly gold survey released on Friday(May 29th),gold price is expected to go on rising this week. Phil Flynn, the Senior Market Analyst of Price Futures Group, observed that gold will keep climbing, saying that the growing tension between US and China and continuous economic stimulus across the globe will give gold more upward momentum.
  Bart Melek, Head of Global Strategy at TD Securities, said that gold prices will continue to fluctuate within the low at US$ 1689-88 and the high end at US$ 1758-60.
The British government is following scientific advice in cautiously easing the coronavirus lockdown, Business Secretary Alok Sharma said on Monday, after criticism from some prominent epidemiologists.
  “Of course scientific advice does differ but I think the key point is what is the overall view from SAGE?” Sharma told BBC TV.
  “The overall view from SAGE - the scientific advisory group on emergencies which advises the government - their overall view is that we must do this cautiously and that is precisely what we are doing,” Sharma said, adding that if people obeyed the rules there was a good likelihood that R0 would not go above 1.

RE: Gold Surges as US Faces Escalating Tensions Home and Abroad - vydernugadaa2 - 09-20-2020