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How do I get a WhatsApp clone? - jackricher - 06-30-2020

WhatsApp is a major success, and it’s no surprise that developers and investors are in pursuit of replicating WhatsApp success.
In order to get or develop a WhatsApp clone app, you need to search for the best app development company who can integrate all the necessary features mentioned below.
VOIP Phone Calls:
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the technology that delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions over the Internet Protocol.
Video Chats:
It lets users make calls directly to communicate with a personal touch experience through the video without an intermediate connection.
Group Calls:
This allows users to further connect with other users by group conversation through Video/Audio.
End-to-End Chat Encryption:
It prioritizes user private data security through advanced premium encryption technologies.
Multimedia Support:
This feature allows sharing information via various data formats such as video, images, Gifs, voice note, animation, documents, contact, and location.
AppDupe encloses all the necessary technologies to successfully develop a chat app like WhatsApp.

RE: How do I get a WhatsApp clone? - Groot2 - 07-05-2020

if you use Whatsapp plus then you have no need to get a whatsapp clone because  WhatsApp Plus Apk is an APK that can be used to modify the features of WhatsApp for Android. It comes along with different themes and customization options and allow you to use dual whatsapp at the same time.