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TikTok will leave Hong Kong within a few days. - mari123 - 07-07-2020

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TikTok said it would leave Hong Kong after China introduced new security legislation in the city.

"Due to recent events, we have decided to stop operating the TikTok app in Hong Kong," the BBC spokesman said.

The company's solution from the city will come "within a few days" according to Reuters.

Facebook and Twitter this week said they were stopped working with joker123 the Hong Kong police over user data.

A short video app launched by ByteDance in China for users outside mainland China as part of their strategy to expand their global audience.

Technology company runs a similar short video sharing app in China called Douyin.

TikTok, run by former Walt Disney executive Kevin Mayer, said in the past that the app's user data was not stored in China.

The company also said earlier that it would not comply with the Chinese government requesting to review content or granting access to user information and not being asked to do so.

However, the conflicting national security laws in Hong Kong have given China the power to wipe out the new powers, raising concerns about data privacy.

The law punishes what China expands widely, as it separates, subversives, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with life imprisonment.

Critics say Hong Kong's erosion of freedom is a semi-autonomous region, including freedom of speech.

Facebook- WhatsApp-Twitter-Google and Telegram announced this week that they are changing operations in Hong Kong after the new security law came into effect last week.

Technology companies say they have not processed data requests from the Hong Kong police while they assess political changes in the city.

RE: TikTok will leave Hong Kong within a few days. - Typesify - 07-08-2020

So sad to see one of the world's leading tech firms set to leaving Hong Kong over China's legislation. But let's see how this whole thing will pan out at the tail end. But I only wish all this would not prevent schools from reopening.

RE: TikTok will leave Hong Kong within a few days. - vydernugadaa2 - 09-21-2020