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Online Trademark Registration Process in India - aarohisingh - 09-26-2020

  • To register a trademark online is an easy task now via online logging on to the specific site meant for it.

  • The fees can also be paid either online or by a draft.  The required details are to be filled in the trademark application.

  • There are a number of stages of the trademark registration of a trademark. Allotment of an application number is the first and the foremost step.

  • Upon the receipt of the application of registration, a serial number is allotted to the same which is used as a reference number for the application.

  • The registry examines the application and sends a Preliminary Examination Report together with a Formalities Check report to the applicant wherein the registrar would call upon the applicant to remedy the deficiencies and departmental objections.

  • If the Registrar is not satisfied with the applicants to reply to the PER (Post examination report), the registrar can call the applicant for the hearing. If the applicant in his reply requested for the same, or else shall grant the certificate of trademark online registration.