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How do I Speak to a Live Person at Verizon - harishcrish - 10-28-2020

Here we disclose to you the means you can converse with a live individual from Verizon FIOS Customer Service, so follow these means and interface with Verizon FIOS Customer Service Chat or Call. Presently, how do i speak to a live person at Verizon? In the event that you have no enlisted number, stand by until the following fast. Verizon Wireless clients like to utilize live visit based assistance as an option in contrast to calling on the grounds that the stand by time is normally short and they will be unable to chat on the telephone. Additionally, we collaborate with a US-put together firm with specialists with respect to set up that you can talk with to investigate your issue for a little expense. Get to a live individual quickest: Wait for the computerized voice to start, at that point press zero through the solicitations (4) for account information. You should confirm the record data once you have a delegate on the line. In the event that you wind up lost or baffled, we cooperate with a California-based master help organization to give you technical support day in and day out.