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3 Top Trendy Hairstyles During Black Friday Sale - IshowHair - 11-26-2020

With so many great deals during Black Friday, we’re assuming you’ll try on clothes or new makeup lines, or start early Christmas shopping. But the latest thing you want to be worrying about is your hair. Here we find some top trendy hairstyles to make your Black Friday a breeze. Let’s begin!

1. Colored highlight wig
Color highlight is a new fashion color and hairstyle that can give you a bombshell hairstyle. There are three kinds of wigs in this color on the website: 13*4 front wig, 4*4 closure wig and no lace wig with bangs. Among them, the P4/27 Color Straight Brown Honey Blonde Lace Front Wig is the most popular.

2. Romantic Loose Wave Hairstyle
Fantastic loose deep wave is one of our top sellers, this hair is medium luster and gives beautiful curls. This pattern is designed as bouncy wavy curl, can create graceful wonderful hairstyles. Both hair bundles and lace wigs are available, can be a good choice when choosing hair on the Black Friday sale.

3. Classic Straight Hairstyle
Straight pattern is the most classic one among numerous hairstyles. It’s also the best selling products in many stores. With straight hair, you can use iron flat or curl iron to restyle freely. It is great for many black skin tone people, can take a silky and smooth look

Ishow Hair provides 100% human hair with high quality & reasonable price. Ishow Black Friday Big Sale is coming, come to get high discount for the hair !
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