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Myhr.CVS.Com – How to Login to MyCVSHr - surveyportal - 01-13-2021

Here is what you should have if you want to log in to the website.

• A smartphone or a computer that can connect to the internet
• Your User ID and Password.

NB: New users should create their user ID by clicking on the “Are you a New User?” link. You will also create your password and a password hint to help you remember the password should you forget. Ensure that you keep your user ID and password confidential. However, if you suspect that your password has been compromised, you should contact Customer Service. Also, you can use both the uppercase and lowercase letters when creating your user with WalmartOne ID since it is not case sensitive.

Login Process
Get to the thdhr CVS health website using your browser. Key your user ID and the Passwords in the required field. Then “click Log on.”