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Why should you have your Business on Instagram? - cramerjohn004 - 01-16-2021

Visual content attracts more audience
The audience wants to see more of visual content rather than a long written story over your product. Visual content including photos, videos, infographics etc attracts more audience and is often stimulating. 90% of data is easily circulated and transmitted to the brain. You have higher chances of getting noticed when your business account shows videos more than simple images or text. Through visual contents, you can easily represent your brand and popularize its products and services in a much better way. People want to see more of video representations because they find it easy to memorize and understand.

Instant responses
Instagram fonts has an interactive, appealing and engaging audience who likes a post which seems attractive and shares it accordingly. It is the most interactive platform where individuals interact with one another in comments. They show their response on a specific post that makes it spontaneous. People will see your posts and respond back quickly on the same. Moreover, they can send you direct messages relating to the posts they like.