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Writer Encouragement for people who love writing - charil - 02-03-2021

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We know you want to be a writer ..
But you're scared of what to write?

Once. We were too.

Afraid of being criticized .. afraid of not being read

If you understand human nature You won't think like this at all.
We cannot do anything to please the whole world ..

There is love, there is laziness .. it is normal for people.
It must have some People with our style

Love as we are .. There are many different fields of writing.
Choose what you like Create it out

If one day .. meet people in different fields
Smile .. but believe in yourself and keep writing.

Because he may have only seen the genre that he liked
Poets, fiction, non-fiction, work like us may not get into your eyes.

But yes, there will be no .. people who like us Write .. As your heart wants to write.

One time we found it .. already hit it. And if that day is discouraged

Caught up in the criticism It will never be possible today.

Dare to speak completely, almost 10 years of living freelance.
It's not easy, but it's not that impractical.

Don't get stuck with online offline workbook jobs.
There is a lot to do in writing .. When people still have to read, have to write

Ask for encouragement For all writing lovers

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