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7 Ways to Keep Your Old Car Running - dittoronald - 02-17-2021

130,000km on your odometer. It's a sign that many car owners have feared, since it's a sign that your car is old. However, it's not all doom and gloom. Take it from the region's best car service advisors, your vehicle is never too old.  
We've said this before, and we'll keep saying it. If you take proper care of your car and get your routine services done, you have nothing to worry about. However, it's one thing taking adequate care of a brand-new vehicle, and a whole other thing caring for a relatively used car. This guide is aimed at those of you in the latter category. 
1. Change your engine oil and filter 
The best thing you could do to extend your engine's life is to properly lubricate it. This is done by getting a regular oil change.  

2. Get your transmission and differential oil changed 
While it wouldn't be feasible to constantly change all your fluids, you can prioritise some of them. Your transmission fluid and differential oil are considered the most vital.  

3. Maintain your wheel bearings 
Your wheel bearings are vital to the performance of your tyres. It also doesn't take too much time and effort to inspect your bearings during a wheel inspection.  

4. Replace your spark plugs when required 
It's good practice to consult a manufacturer specialist for this. They will advise you on when your spark plugs need to be replaced. This will ensure your engine gets the power it needs for the long run.  

5. Replace your coolant  
You must flush out all the existing coolant and replace it with fresh new coolant every now and then. This will ensure your engine stays cool despite long operating times. 

6. Rotate your tyres when required 
It's vital to occasionally rotate your tyres. This will ensure that there's even wearing of tyres as you continue using it. Any uneven, flat spots can increase the chances of getting a flat tyre.  

7. Implement a rigid service system  
Ultimately, this is what sets apart poor maintenance from ideal maintenance. Establish a service system, preferably with the same workshop, to get the best out of an older car.  

Nowadays, you don't even have to drive to the garage and wait while your car gets serviced. Car maintenance solutions like ServiceMyCar have made car servicing so much more hassle-free.  
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