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Re: [Fusion] Zotac Zbox Nano AD10 - audio issue - test4test - 04-08-2012

I also struggled with this but found out that it depends on my TV's settings.
So on my Samsung I first reset sound/speaker settings to default before booting.
And on OpenELEC only this works well for me:
Audio Output : HDMI
Speaker Configuration: 2.0
Boost volume level on downmix: Enabled
AC3 and DTS: disabled
Audio Output device (and passthru dev.): hdmi (ALSA)

Since I do not have (yet) a proper receiver, I guess 2.0 is as good as it will get for now with my TV's speakers.

I also found that on startup that I have to select the Zota'c HDMI source before boot (so if I am on TV for example and the Zotac starts, I sometimes have audio trouble).
I noticed this issue with Windows 7 and Pinguy OS also (I am triple booting with OpenELEC Fusion x86_64 1.95.1).