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Motherboard questions - znelbok - 11-10-2011

Hi all

Looking at building a system based on openelec. I currently use a Zotac Mag IOn system and it passes audio and 1080p fine, but want to build the ultimate system capable of 3D and DTS-MA etc.

So this is in teh FAQ on the first post here in the xbmc forums.
Quote:Q. Out of those builds, which one can Bitstream DOLBY TRUE-HD & DTS-HD MASTER audio?
A. None of them till you add one of these 3 GPU Cards:
ASUS HD5450 512MB DDR3 64-Bit Fanless Low Profile ($35 + $0) (Windows OS only)
PowerColor HD6450 1GB DDR3 64-Bit Fanless Low Profile ($47 + $0) (Windows OS only)
ASUS GT430 1GB DDR3 128-bit Low Profile ($66 + $0)
(Note that as of today, XBMC v10 can't natively Bitstream HD-Audio)

What does the last line mean? Is HD audio not possible even with those cards? Should I bother with a GT430 at the moment or not?

If I get a board for my i3 with a H67 chipset, I get HDMI, will that be sufficient for now until I need HD audio and 3D?
- or -
Do I get H61 chipset mother board which appear to not have HDMI on board (cheaper board) and put the card in now?

What benefit is there in the chipsets on offer?



Re: Motherboard questions - xe - 11-10-2011

There is an XBMC feature called Audio Engine that is due for release after XBMC eden is released.

This is a major upgrade to XBMC and will improve HD audio support considerably.

It release date is unknown but I expect betas to be out Q1 2012.

Re: Motherboard questions - znelbok - 11-10-2011

What about the motherboard question. Should I get one with hdmi or go for the video card?

Re: Motherboard questions - xe - 11-10-2011

Tricky one. AE is in pure development mode this now and as such only a few of us know anything about it.

Probably best to start at the XBMC forum thread about this feature, get a feel for it then post here.

However in geberal terms though madness lies within trying to predict XBMC vs hardware futures. Often its better to just buy cheap now and upgrade later