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OpenElec xbmc-pvr with CrystalHD - natomasboy - 11-22-2011

Hi everyone,

I have xbmc-pvr that is working great with Fusion VAAPI.
I also have the xbmc Intel build which is working great with my Intel i965-HG mobo.

I just installed the broadcom crystalhd mini-pcie chip on my Intel mobo and xbmc recognizes it perfect and displays HD beautifully.

I would like to know where I can get an xbmc-pvr build with crystalhd enabled. If no precompiled builds exist any instruction on compiling it myself would be appreciated.


Re: OpenElec xbmc-pvr with CrystalHD - harmageddon - 12-07-2011

same problemSad

Re: OpenElec xbmc-pvr with CrystalHD - Tompen - 12-09-2011

From reading this thread I understand the PVR functions will not use CrystalHD even when if it is included, only the normal xbmc video playback will use it. Would CrystalHD still be useful to you?

You can probably compile a development PVR-build with CrystalHD support using the instructions in page 1 of the spotify thread here.

Just skip step 3 (Get the spotyxbmc2 feature) and compile with the option: PVR=yes

Due to the PVR changes made in OpenELEC master branch today coupled with CrystalHD is enabled by default in the normal Intel builds, I am guessing that the next nightly builds that includes PVR-support will have CrystalHD enabled by default. Due to the problem with CrystalHD in the PVR-features inside XBMC it will probably not work perfectly, Im talking about the info in the forum thread.