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openelec on AMD? - thewhiteark - 12-24-2011

I'm about to buy an HTPC, and I'm considering an AMD build (Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz, Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3).

However I'm a linux noob, and I've heard (might be falsely so) that linux can have a hard time running on AMD CPU's, and I'm afraid I'll have twice the trouble with openelec...

Any thoughts on this? should I switch to an IONCore i3 build? Or are there users here happily running an AMD-openelec match made in heaven HTPC?


Re: openelec on AMD? - thewhiteark - 12-25-2011

Thank you very much!

But now I've a different question: googling AMD Fusion has yielded different results and I'm confused: There's the E-350 (is that a chipset? a CPU?), and there are the A-68 Vision. Are they both different names for the same Fusion?

Example: what's the difference between Gigabyte's GA-E350N-USB3 and GA-A75M-UD2H mobos?

Re: openelec on AMD? - therio - 12-25-2011

The difference between the A75 and the E-350 is that the A75 is a chipset and the E-350 is a APU. The APU is a CPU with GPU together, the chipset requires a CPU installed on the MoBo.
Now for further specifications, use Google before asking...

Re: openelec on AMD? - Jean-Max - 12-25-2011

MikeBuzz post=20570 Wrote:i would suggest looking at the AMD Fusion range, i am running a E350 with the latest version of Openelec with no issues at all
-> What is your Openelec device & your Openelec version ? (Eden ?, 32 or 64 bit ?)

nb : Message to all forumers Wink :
Put in your signature your Openelec device & your Openelec version, so we can see all info without supplemental question Wink

Many Thanks Smile