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A Little Help for new OpenELEC User - DxCx - 12-26-2011

I've been searching for answers for a few days now, so i decided to open a thread.
I Had an old htpc that ran Win7 and XBMC (Nightly - because my plugins needs Eden)
the setup was i have ubuntu server on the other room,
when adding a new movie my (Eden) xbmc on the server scanned and scrapped the movie,
then update the mysql with the new movie, the htpc on living room was connected to the mysql and just played the movies.

now i've bought a new HTPC:
* Gigabyte Intel GA-H55N-USB3
* Intel Core i3 550 (4M 3.2GHz)
* Transcend 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
* OCZ 60GB SSD Disk
* EZCool SM-01 Slim Case

1. is the x64 Intel build is the right for my cpu? becuase the description says its for i5/i7
2. After Installing OpenElec i've seen it has the old xbmc (10.1), where to download Eden version, all i've found was Eden for Atom, i want Eden running and not Dhama..
3. Is there is any Browswer plugin?
4. I'm not sure i've used the files correctly, can you please confirm?
a. Downloaded Generic Build, and ran create_usbstick
b. Downloaded an Intel x64 daily build (OpenELEC-intel.x86_64-devel-20101209-r5371.tar) extracted it and now i have 2 files, .kernel and .system.
c. replaced the SYSTEM and KERNEL files from Disc-on-key with the .kernel and .system (SYSTEM for .system and KERNEL for .kernel ofc)
d. reinstalled.

Re: A Little Help for new OpenELEC User - therio - 12-26-2011

1. doesn't matter that much, but if your CPU supports 64bit, it can be used.
3. not official, but on the forum there is some progress
4. if you have a working install, you should have done it correct. Updating can be done by adding KERNEL and SYSTEM into the Update directory.