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No sound - frodi.dam - 01-11-2012


I've installed OpenElec on my ATV, but i only get the audio signal thru the optical out, but i would like the output on HDMI. How do i do that?

Re: No sound - chewitt - 01-12-2012

which OE release/build have you installed?

Re: No sound - enghamar - 01-21-2012

He currently has the Nvidia r9563 build, but he has used several other builds with the same result.

Would it be possible to use the custom audio output feature? In that case, what is the name of the HDMI output?

Re: No sound - chewitt - 01-22-2012

The normal nouveau driver builds support hdmi-audio, the nvidia driver builds do not. This is written quite clearly (and discussed) in numerous threads and it is not something that you can work around with custom alsa settings. The more recent nouveau dev builds HERE should work okay now.