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Building a HTPC - start up using IR - asiu - 01-12-2012

I've been looking at several different zotac/shuttle/foxconn devices the last few days, but I can't seem to figure out how to build a system that meets my requirements.

I'm storing all my files on a NAS. Now, over a GBit network, I would like to be able to play these files in my bedroom. I'm looking to build a HTPC that will allow me to:

- Start the system using only the remote after a shutdown. How can I see if this is supported?
- In order to have low boot times, I'd prefer using a SATA-600 SSD.
- The system should be able to play 1080p files over the network.
- Control the system via an IR remote

I'd prefer a fanless system, if possible. Also, I'd like to connect the pc to the back of the tv but I guess this would cause problems with integrated IR so external IR is preferred (only if I can still start the system with the remote though).

What do you guys think the best solution would be? I'm really having a hard time finding out when/if/how I'd be able to start the system with the remote so any help would be appreciated.

Re: Building a HTPC - start up using IR - ebatte - 01-12-2012

I have an Antec Veris USB IR Receiver. I'm not sure that any ir receiver will boot the system (correct me if I'm wrong), but it is possible for the ir receiver to wake the system from sleep. My particular ir receiver does not suport usb wake, but my keyboard will and sleep/wake is pretty quick.

With my system (below) that is my only real problem - that my IR receiver won't wake, but I've read elsewhere that it's a function of the receiver and not openelec.

Re: Building a HTPC - start up using IR - therio - 01-12-2012

Waking up from power-off is an BIOS option that needs to be available, i.o.w. you have to have a usb port that is powered when the box is off. This is not possible with every board or machine, so you have to search carefully for it. An IR receiver isn't the biggest problem. Much IR receivers are supported yet or can be supported. Just search the forum for tips like ebatte gave.