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vtuner - pandreas21 - 01-15-2012

I would very much like to see support added for vtuner ( so that it is possible for openelec users to use a remote dvb adapter e.g. Dreambox for pvr functionality. Is this at all possible?

Re: vtuner - danjericho - 02-06-2012

Ive been having a play about with vTuner on a separate machine in attempt to use the two tuners on my Dreambox 7025 with TV headend. Would be a good feature to have.

Re: vtuner - ultraman - 02-07-2012

Can you write little more how this works? If I understand right I can use my DM800 and use it on OE? Can I still use DM separately?
For OE only client part is needed (vtunerc and vtunerc.ko)? What about on DM? Wher can I find ipkg?

Re: vtuner - danjericho - 02-07-2012

I was using the following guide to implement it on an ubuntu install, and to see if I could get it to connect up with tvheadend. I'm using a DM7025 running enigma2.

I got as far as tvheadend picking up my dreambox tuner as a DVB device, but it was retuning 0% signals on the scan. Im fairly new to linux, so im fairly limited to what I can do at the moment and kind of learning as I go along. Im sure it was something Ive overlooked as other people have got it to work.

I think you need to kill enigma on your dreambox for vtuner to work, but dont quote me on that. It may be possible to start it after? but not 100%

also, the project is at

Happy to share what Ive learnt far.

Re: vtuner - danjericho - 02-07-2012

You only need to install the VT client on OE, and run the VT server on the dreambox. There an ipkg available for the Dreambox.

Re: vtuner - ultraman - 02-07-2012

Ok, I think I understand. I will check the thing and see if/how it works. After that maybe new addon will come.

Re: vtuner - danjericho - 02-07-2012

Do you think it would be possible to implement it as a service addon? Im not quite sure what dependencies it has.

Re: vtuner - pandreas21 - 02-07-2012

I can confirm that the DM only needs to be set to standby so as to release the lock on the tuner(s). Also regarding the no channels found issue please check whether you are turned to Hotbird (13.0E) as there appears to be an issue from tvheadend's side with that sat.


Re: vtuner - danjericho - 02-07-2012

Hi Andreas,

I was scanning on 28.2e (UK Sat). I have two tuners on the DM7025 - one connected to 28.2e and the a 4 way disque pointing 9e 3e 19.2e and 23.5e. Do you know how vtuner on the actual dreambox determines which tuner to pick up? Any help would be great.



Re: vtuner - pandreas21 - 02-07-2012


As per it supports tuner grouping (it apears to me as a "fake" diseqc from multiple tuners) and you may also launch multiple server daemons listening to different ports by assigning devs (tuners) to them. I dont have any experience myself with such a setup as i only have a single tuner DM800 (not SE).

Best of luckSmile