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Problems Streaming Netflix, TV Episodes, - safia1230 - 01-27-2012

I have a brand new dell (6 months) and my husband also has one (1 year). We have a wired cable connection. He is not having any issues streaming. There is not a problem with connection.
I went through Dell technology support and they had me download CCleaner and also MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware . Both seemed to initially help for a few days and it's back to the same problem. I also have about a Tetrabyte of storage, so that is not an issue. All my scans come up clean without any viruses or corrupted files.
What could be causing this>>> equipment issue ie: graphics card?

Re: Problems Streaming Netflix, TV Episodes, - chewitt - 01-28-2012

The "XBMC Flicks" plugin requires a technology called Silverlight to stream content that is not available on Linux so this cannot be made to work on OpenELEC, you can only use the Netflix plugin on Windows or Mac versions of XBMC. Ergo, if you have had this working on your laptop you must be posting questions in the wrong forums..