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XMLTV and North America - nojstevens - 02-05-2012


I've configured TVHeadend before on a non OE system, but i'm a bit stuck with the XMLTV bit of the TVHeadend included in OpenElec. I can find the tv_grab_file settings and I think what this does is point to the settings file that is written by the XBMC tvheadend add-on where I say the location of the xmltv file and if its web or file.

My guess is that I should not point this to the tv_grab_na_dd.conf file but instead the output of running this file? Is this correct? And if that is correct, I assume I need to run xmltv executeable on another machine and point OE to the output of that process? Is that correct?

I think I can probably work out how to do this but didn't want to go through all that learning curve if there is a simpler way to have TVHeadend on OE do the work. I do have a Schedules Direct account

Hopefully someone can tell me the bit I am missing to get the EPG database populated - as above, I have had this working with tvheaded on another system, so know the concept, just can't figure out the XMLTV bit on OE


Re: XMLTV and North America - rlust - 03-17-2012

Did you get this working?
I am at this same place trying to figure out where to put the xml file that I pulled from a python script.

Re: XMLTV and North America - nojstevens - 03-17-2012

No, sorry - wish I could help but i can't get past this - quite frustrating!

Let me know if you figure it out