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Process priority and unresponsiveness of XBMC - Bram77 - 02-06-2012

I've used XBMC for years now, on a dedicated machine and up until a month or two using Ubuntu minimal. I use a dedicated machine (Asrock ION 330HT) with 4GB RAM and a 200GB SSD. Two months back Idecided to switch from Ubuntu to OpenElec and it's been a very positive experience so far. Installation is a breeze, boot time is amazing and everything (except for sound, but it was a easy fix) worked instantly. There is one little annoying thing that I experience now and had no problems with when I was using Ubuntu. OpenElec seems to have some problems with process priorities. I some process in the background is active the XBMC interface starts stuttering or becomes unresponsive momentarily. Scanning for new artwork with Artwork Downloader and watching a movie at the same time is impossible. Is there something I can adjust in the OS to improve this behavior?

I'm running the latest daily build.