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pre-built HTPC recommendations please - hiohaa - 02-19-2012

i was hoping someone could give a few recommendations for my following needs (i did check out what group i belong to, but the bistream hd audio thing confused me.....)

- needs to play bluray rips or bluray iso's perfectly
- ethernet capability
- toslink digital optical out
- hdmi out

(i run everything through my AV receiver)

there seems to be quite a lot on the market, with varying prices....i know the £300+ ones will do the job but i dont want to spend money on stuff i don't need.

im hoping i can get the above for a lot less than 300!

Re: pre-built HTPC recommendations please - pastimer - 02-24-2012

Not possible with new products. You could buy a second hand 2008 system (with toslink and hdmi) and add a blue-ray drive and a hardware accelerator from broadcom, maybe an ssd. Look at my post for an example how to build a htpc with refurbished components.

Good luck

Re: pre-built HTPC recommendations please - Rich_O - 02-25-2012


You can build a system that fits your criteria for around £200.. You really don't need any specialist knowlage either.. I've just built one..

My system is as follows..

1. ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe motherboard. £130 (Amazon)
2, 4gb ram - £25
3, e-Mini case - £50 with fanless power supply. (eBay)
4, 8gb USB stick - £10 ish
5, 50mm fan - £5

Total £210 plus the odd cable..

The motherboard has built in CPU and GPU and can handle the high bit rate 1080P files that I play on mine fine..

As everything (excapt the memory) is built into the motherboard it's really easy to assemble.


Re: pre-built HTPC recommendations please - Rich_O - 02-25-2012

Oh, forgot to say.. The board can do that "bitstream audio" thing you mentioned.. It's basically allowing DTS-HD audio to stream directly to your amp... Currenty most mkv's have standard DTS.. The difference is supposed to be quite substantial.. If you compare the difference to standard audio, DTS would be MP3 and DTS-HD is the original CD.! Although you would have to stream the audio via HDMI to your amp rather than via Optical.

Although as far as I know OpenELEC and XBMC doesn't support it yet.. But you never know in the future, it's a good thing to have the capability of handling..

Also, have a look at the company i've linked to below, they do an "Out of the box" solution to XBMC..

RE: pre-built HTPC recommendations please - vydernugadaa2 - 09-28-2020