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Tvheadend not Working .... - lufi - 03-03-2012


i update my system to OpenELEC_PVR-Fusion.x86_64-devel-20120303062407-r9963 last Day
but now after bootup Live TV wont't work.

Tvheadend process is up an running but XBMC says no Client available.

When i boot with all PVR Addons disabled an then enable Tvheadend Plugin (not the Service)
Live TV is working until reboot ;-)

Whats wrong ?

Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - dumbo - 03-03-2012

I had the same problem and I think my problem is related to:

It works for me if I:

"The fix is to delete the epg7.db, then it works again and it rescans the channels and all works."

But I have to do this every time I restart my system.

Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - joeythelips - 03-06-2012

I had a similar problem, but the tvs-tvheadend service was updated from the repository yesterday to 2.0.6 and today to 2.0.7 on my system and it now is working. Smile

I'm having video sync problems intermittently with live tv (SD rather than HD) but not with recorded programmes or other video sources. May be an issue with recent versions of the tvheadend service maybe?

Aw: Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - lufi - 03-08-2012

OpenELEC_PVR-Fusion.x86_64-devel-20120308082500-r10034 Problem persists

Re: Aw: Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - Hardcorejax - 03-08-2012

Role back to tvheadend 2.0.6 makes it work again. With 2.07 no livetv and no acces to tvheadend webpage

Re: Aw: Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - joeythelips - 03-08-2012

Still working for me, but with serious video jitter and audio sync problems. I thought it might be related to an error introduced in Eden RC1, but I suspect it may be due to 64 bit vs 32 bit setup on my machine. Live TV is almost unwatchable on my system at the moment. I may have to blow the whole install away and start again.

Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - thana54 - 03-09-2012

Working again with OpenELEC_PVR-Fusion.x86_64-devel-20120308082500-r10034.tar.bz2 on Zotac AD10 Smile

I've deleted au epg*.db files, and wipe all PVR settings from xbmc settings UI.

Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - thetester - 03-10-2012

I'm using Revo 3700 with: OpenELEC_PVR-ION.i386-devel-20120308084040-r10034
with sundtek dvb-ct and for me the same - tvheadend not working, can't watch live tv.

I tried deleting the epgdb and epg7.db but still NOK

Then I went to System/Settings/Add-ons/Installed Add-ons/Services/hts-tvheadend/ and chose to rollback to 2.0.6

Now it's working OK

Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - Gujs - 03-11-2012


Is it possible that you upgrade it to latest version again. Then reboot and ssh to openelec box. After successful login, try to start tvheadend manualy, this will help us find out what is wrong. You can start it with tvheadend.start command.

Re: Tvheadend not Working .... - thetester - 03-12-2012

Acer Revo 3700
Sundtek dvb-ct
Smargo+ card reader

** Reproducible everytime when toggling the versions from menu: System/Settings/Add-ons/Installed Add-ons/Services/hts-tvheadend/

2.0.6 hts-tvheadend
|OK| LiveTV
|OK| Webinterface access

2.0.7 hts-tvheadend
|NOK| LiveTV "Working…" for approximately 30s and still nothing starts
|NOK| Webinterface access - Unable to connect
++ Run 'tvheadend.start' from terminal
|NOK| LiveTV "Tvheadend HTSP Client - No hardware present"
|OK| Webinterface access