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Seaching channels - VDR? - BoxFreak - 03-04-2012

Hi! I just got VDR-service and VDR XVDR Client enabled. I just canĀ“t figure out how to search channels. There are some german channels "preinstalled" but I live in Finland. Is there some guide I could follow?

Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - chemstar - 03-04-2012


w_scan -fs -s S19E2 -o 7 >> channels.conf

DVB-S/S2 using DiSeqC

w_scan -o7 -fs -s S13E0 -D2c >> channels.conf

More infos on

Take care that the latest ver. of w_scan is being used

Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - kobik - 03-04-2012

Don't forget to run vdr.stop prior using w_scan command.
And then the modified the example above
w_scan -fs -s S19E2 -o 7 >> /storage/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.vdr/conf/channels.conf
And then vdr.start to re-enable vdr

* I may be mistyped the exact location of channels.conf file as I'm not at home, but you'll get the idea

Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - alxscott - 03-09-2012

Hi there!

Just tried OpenElec for the first time, and installed the latest PVR branch. However, I cant find the command w_scan ANYWHERE!! Searched in the /bin/ folder and its not listed. I have installed the VDR Service, and also the XVDR TV Plug-in.

I've searched everywhere and all i can find is that it should be installed. Tried compiling it, and although im not a complete Linux noob, im not much better. Couldn't compile it either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. and I live in the UK if that helps!


Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - chemstar - 03-09-2012

if you have not the latest git build then


otherwise take look at


Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - alxscott - 03-09-2012

chemstar!! Thank you, I'll try those options straight away!!

Thanks for replying so quick too!

Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - alxscott - 03-09-2012

Ok, its not in the ~/.xbmc/addons/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/bin folder, so reference the zip file.. Is there a specific place i need to unzip the files to, or can i just unzip it and run the command?!

Very new to github ( My only linux experience is unRAID OS).. it looks likes theres an icon ect... Do you normally download via the OSD menu or...?! Sorry if its a stupid question, trying to learn! Smile


Installed the Add on Via From Zip File... Kinda obvious! Thanks again!!

Re: Seaching channels - VDR? - G64 - 02-10-2013

Hi all,

i installed the VDR addon in OE 3.0 RC2 but i am unable to find channels with w_scan. I installed w_scan as an addon also (version 3.0.2). The cards recognised but after the scan i get the message: nothing to scan.

Here is the output from the command:
root ~ # w_scan -fc -c NL -x >> /storage/.xbmc/addons/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/config/channels.conf
w_scan version 20121111 (compiled for DVB API 5.9)
using settings for NETHERLANDS
DVB cable
scan type CABLE, channellist 7
output format initial tuning data
WARNING: could not guess your codepage. Falling back to 'UTF-8'
output charset 'UTF-8', use -C <charset> to override
Info: using DVB adapter auto detection.
/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 -> CABLE "STV0367 DVB-C DVB-T": good :-)
/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0 -> CABLE "STV0367 DVB-C DVB-T": good :-)
/dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend0 -> CABLE "STV0367 DVB-C DVB-T": good :-)
/dev/dvb/adapter3/frontend0 -> CABLE "STV0367 DVB-C DVB-T": good :-)
Using CABLE frontend (adapter /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0)
-_-_-_-_ Getting frontend capabilities-_-_-_-_
Using DVB API 5.9
frontend 'STV0367 DVB-C DVB-T' supports
FREQ (47.12MHz ... 865.00MHz)
SRATE (0.870MSym/s ... 11.700MSym/s)
73000: sr6900 (time: 00:00) sr6875 (time: 00:02)
81000: sr6900 (time: 00:05) sr6875 (time: 00:07)
113000: sr6900 (time: 00:10) sr6875 (time: 00:12)
121000: sr6900 (time: 00:15) sr6875 (time: 00:17)
129000: sr6900 (time: 00:20) sr6875 (time: 00:22)
137000: sr6900 (time: 00:25) sr6875 (time: 00:27)
145000: sr6900 (time: 00:30) sr6875 (time: 00:33)
153000: sr6900 (time: 00:35) sr6875 (time: 00:38)
161000: sr6900 (time: 00:40) sr6875 (time: 00:43)
169000: sr6900 (time: 00:45) sr6875 (time: 00:48)
314000: sr6900 (time: 00:50) sr6875 (time: 00:53)
322000: sr6900 (time: 00:55) sr6875 (time: 00:58)
842000: sr6900 (time: 12:59) sr6875 (time: 13:01)
850000: sr6900 (time: 13:04) sr6875 (time: 13:06)
858000: sr6900 (time: 13:09) sr6875 (time: 13:11)

ERROR: Sorry - i couldn't get any working frequency/transponder
Nothing to scan!!

The card works in TVheadend but i wanted to try out VDR also.

Anyone have a solution for this ?

Seaching channels - VDR? - DJ-1 - 02-05-2015

hi, need to get w_scan for openelec 5.0.1 64bit (Generic build).
i tried the versio a few posts up and says "missing dependencies"....
can someone compile the newest version for OE 5 ?