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Wooo, what is OE cool - Wilbert61b - 04-01-2012

The first time I used XBMC was on an old Xbox. It had run for about 2 years on my bedroom with an old TV. Oke no HD but it had normal video out which I couldn't make with the PC stuff I had. When it broke I bought a cheap mediaplayer at the local store. It runned fine but no libarie, nice skins plugins etc etc. i realy missed my XBMC. Two months ago my old TV died finaly and I bought a flatscreen for the bedroom. And yes it had vga and hdmi so I started thinking about XBMC again. Made a machine with a intel D510mo and NM10 chipset XBMCbuntu on a harddisk. I wanted it smaller and get rid of the HDD. Google "xbmc from usb" let me to OE. And men I'm sold, it runs realy great. Oke 1080p content isn't flawless but it uses only 18 watts. I put it with a small pc psu in a wooden box. A windows remote controle and a 4Gb usbstick and it was ready to go. Cost: zero I had everything laying around. Sadly I had to replace the psu after a few days and the second one didn't completley fit. After a few weeks I wanted that HD content too. So today I made a bigger version. Old motherboard with a p4 3 gHz, 1,5Gb ram, and a Geforce 8600 gts video card I bought at a fliemarket. Build another wooden box and number two is up and running. Oke it uses a bit more power (105 watts) but it runs realy everything.

I'm running on both boxes the generic version of OE 1. What amazes me the most is the very short boot time! something like 30 seconds realy realy great!

My next build will probably be a box with the Raspberrypi. That looks also very promissing.

Oke deep respect for the develpers! Keep up the good work you realy made something fantastic!

Wilbert (the Netherlands)

Re: Wooo, what is OE cool - Wilbert61b - 04-02-2012

To bad. I just noticed that my "big box" with the geforce videocard only runs on 800x600 pixels. So I guess it runs only in "normal" vga mode or something like that.

RE: Wooo, what is OE cool - vydernugadaa2 - 09-28-2020