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How to make a scan? - mattis - 04-06-2012

Can someone help with the pvr function?

newest ion-pvr-dev installed.
sundtek-driver, tvheadend, w_scan installed by addons

how can i make now a full dvb-t scan to see whats around?
no plan how to do that..

in tvheadend is no option to make a lets try w_scan

Quote:openelec ~ $ mediaclient -e
**** List of Media Hardware Devices ****
device 0: [Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (USB 2.0)] DVB-C, DVB-T, REMOTE-CONTROL
FRONTEND: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
DVR: /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0
DMX: /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0
FRONTEND: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
DVR: /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0
DMX: /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0
INPUT0: /dev/mediainput0

looks good..

Quote:openelec ~ $ w_scan -c CH
w_scan version 20120128 (compiled for DVB API 5.4)
using settings for SWITZERLAND
DVB aerial
DVB-T Europe
scan type TERRESTRIAL, channellist 4
output format vdr-1.6
WARNING: could not guess your codepage. Falling back to 'UTF-8'
output charset 'UTF-8', use -C <charset> to override
Info: using DVB adapter auto detection.
main:3189: FATAL: bbcode.txt done mybb_posts.csv mybb_posts.sql new newnew oej34_kunena_messages.csv oej34_kunena_messages_text.csv oej34_kunena_messages_text.sql oej34_kunena_users_banned.csv oej34_kunena_users.csv oej34_users.csv old openelecj34prod.sql table_posts test.csv test.txt update_sample.sql NO USEABLE TERRESTRIAL CARD FOUND. *****
Please check wether dvb driver is loaded and
verify that no dvb application (i.e. vdr) is running.

looks more bad

what i have to do?

Re: How to make a scan? - ultraman - 04-06-2012

In tvheadend web gui you can select a country or you can add MUX manually.

Re: How to make a scan? - mattis - 04-06-2012

in gui i can select a country, but there are cableproviders in the list.
so make no sense/result with dvb-t, right?

add MUX manually? you mean:
configuration->multiplexes->add multiplex(es) manually

what values i have to insert to make a fullscan?

Re: How to make a scan? - MasterAlexei - 04-20-2012

I would like to know it too!

I did tried to add the muxes from the list for the country (Germany, Bayern), but in a Config-TV Adapters-General-Information and capabilities there is this text:
Device path:
Device name:
A827[0] DVB-T
Host connection:
USB (480 Mbit/s)
Frequency range:
42000 kHz - 1023000 kHz, in steps of 0 kHz

The problem, I think, is in this zerro by steps.
For my DVB-S there was not zerro, but 1011 kHz (for example).
But with that DVB-T USB Stick there is always 0, independent of that if I add the mux manually or from the list.

With the DVB-S the tvheadend and xbmc wroking together like a charm, but with DVB-T it wont.
The adapter itself works, I did try it on windows machine.

Does some one know the solution for that problem?

I use OpenELEC-ION.i386-devel-20120402150846-r10416
the DVB-T card is AVerMedia_AverTV_Hybrid_Volar_HX_(A827) (USB)

Thanks in advance,

Re: How to make a scan? - mattis - 04-20-2012

i have another device but also a hybrid, so problem maybe the same.

i have C/T hybrid. it's only possible to use one. for my device there is a config


# Choose initial DVB mode for hybrid DVB-T/DVB-C devices only
# default mode is DVB-C, we must set it to DVB-T if needed

maybe you find some corresponding for your device

Re: How to make a scan? - MasterAlexei - 04-20-2012

I'll try it now.

Re: How to make a scan? - MasterAlexei - 04-20-2012

Hm. It wasn't so quick, as I though Smile

I have no such directory for my DVB-T tuner. Does any bode knows, where is its config located, or I can create some dir, with the name like this one:
drvier.dvb.a827 and there a file a827.config

By the way, this tuner is hybrid too. And I want to use cable input.

Re: How to make a scan? - steefjeqv - 04-21-2012


When scanning for channels, make sure no other application (TVHeadend, VDR, ...) is using the DVB card.



Re: How to make a scan? - MasterAlexei - 04-23-2012

But how can tvheadend scan the channels, if it may not use the device?

Besides, there is still the 0 in the "step", 1 in a "Muxes awaiting initial scan", and it stays for whole day in such state (I did added one mux manual):

Frequency range:
42000 kHz - 1023000 kHz, in steps of 0 kHz
Currently tuned to:
140,250 kHz
Muxes awaiting initial scan:

Re: How to make a scan? - steefjeqv - 04-23-2012


I meant when using w_scan to create a channels.conf.