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OpenElec can it play BluRay - SavellM - 04-06-2012

I heard some stuff about Linux is unable to play Blu-Rays.
I was thinking of building a new HTPC, but want OpenElec as my OS.
But would suck if it doesnt or cant play Blu-Ray if I put in a blu-ray drive.

Can anyone confirm or deny if OE can play Blu-Ray?

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - chewitt - 04-07-2012

No, and yes B)

Linux is not "out of the box" able to play blu-ray software. There is a project investigating how to do this with the goal of achieving legal playback. That project is called libaacs. OpenELEC includes libaacs binaries to facilitate development and further testing but for many good (legal) reasons we do not provide libbacs in a "fully configured" state and we do not provide any information on our website, wiki or forums on key databases or where to store them in the writeable part of OpenELEC's filesystem to make things work. For that you'll need to a little 2+2 work to make 4.

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - tergo - 04-08-2012

Bluray support is always going to be patchy due to the ever-evolving encryption and obfuscation. If you want a Bluray playing OpenElec you will probably need to regularly update libaacs and libbluray (unless someone writes an updateable XBMC plugin?)

I have a Bluray drive in my desktop so maybe I will pull it out and put it into my HTPC temporarily and let you know how easy/hard it is to get it working in OpenElec. Of course I won't post any instructions here as per rules.

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - SavellM - 04-09-2012

Tergo, if you could that would be ACE!
Im thinking of building a HTPC from scratch rather than using my current Zbox.

But I want to get rid of my PS3 (Only have it for Blu-Ray) and just have 1 unit, with Blu-Ray and my downloads.

But if its going to be stuttery, and just no good to watch then it will be a bit pointless.

Also how do you view Blu-Rays from within XBMC, would it pop up when putting in a DVD/Blu-Ray?

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - tergo - 04-09-2012

Stuttery is not the problem. If your GPU can do 1080p H264, VC1 and MPEG2 then you are sorted. To test this you can just try an already decrypted BD Remux.

The problem is the encryption. It keeps updating so constant updates are necessary even on a commercial Bluray player.

I will wait for Eden stable to test it and write guide. No point in doing a guide for Dharma now because it will be out of date soon. And OE 2.0 Beta1 is too unstable for me.

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - chewitt - 04-09-2012

@tergo: if you write any kind of guide please make sure it is not published on our forums or wiki, thx!

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - tergo - 04-09-2012

Yes I said above already.

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - meowcats - 04-09-2012

with makemkv (use streaming option) bluray playback (even latest titles with bd+) is possible, though rather unintuitive. It exposes individual .TS files via a internal http server.

the authors have stated previously that it is planned to expose the decrypted disk contents via a nfs share. Hopefully this will come someday Smile

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - tergo - 04-12-2012

Just to update, I took my BD drive and connected it up to an OpenElec box running OpenELEC-ION.i386-1.95.1

I did something which I think should enables Bluray playback (put a particular file in a particular place) but no joy. It wouldn't play any of my discs.

I know the file is correct because I used it successfully to play Bluray in VLC. And I know I put it in the right place because it is pretty obvious where it goes. But still no luck, I gave up after about an hour.

Im not looking for advice because I was just trying it out of curiosity, I already took the BD drive out and put it back in my desktop. I have a PS3 and a Bluray player so I don't need it, just wanted to give it a shot for the OP.

Re: OpenElec can it play BluRay - SavellM - 04-13-2012

Thanks Tergo.

Really sucks that does.

OpenELEC/XBMC is one awesome media centre.
But it blows that you still need to keep a dedicated blu-ray player just in order to watch Blu-Rays.

Im talking with the Java menu and all.

But I know its not exactly OE/XBMC's fault, I know licences and what not are involved.
Im just saying it sucks Smile

Get that right and OE would be one awesome do everything package