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New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 04-10-2012

So im thinking of building a new HTPC.
These are the parts so far.

Asus ROG Maximus V GENE
Kingston LoVo HyperX 1.35v KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX
be quiet! 400w Gold
Moneual 312
Intel 2.6GHz 35w i3-2120T
Kingston SSD Now 8gb
Asus GT520 SL/DI/2GD3LP

I already have the SSD, and GPU.
This will be going in a shelf, so I want it so be low power and low heat.
Hence the 2120T processor, and the Kingston ram, as it can run at 1.25v (1333MHz)

So I have a few questions, I know Linux does not support Blu-Ray playback, but I do know OpenELEC has Libaacs built in.
Is it hard to get it to work? Not asking for a guide just a difficulty rating...

I will be using the Optical Out on this Mobo into my AMP (doesnt have HDMI) will this be an issue with the GPU?

And I noticed this case has a built in IR receiver, and a power on feature thing, that goes into the 24pin mobo power connector.
Will this boot it from an off state?

Also will this CPU be powerful enough, considering I have a dedicated GPU?

Will these parts be supported by XBMC, and OpenELEC?

Also what is a good quiet cooler that will fit in the Moneual 312 case?

Thanks guys.

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 04-10-2012

Found this:
Scythe Shuriken SCSK-1100
Apparently this should fit with the short BD drive.

But Other questions still stand Smile

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 04-11-2012

I have dropped the psu down to a 420w.

Silent Pro M2 420W RS-420-SPM2

Aw: New HTPC for OpenELEC - CvH - 04-11-2012

too much, too expensive

MB - Links to the Mainbords
Cpu - at MB
GPU - at MB
Ram - Links to the RAM
a small psu < 300Watt

18Watt and cheap Smile (no need for low volt ram)

You could also choose an passive board (in list) with no fan !

pro hint: you can edit your posts Wink

Re: Aw: New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 04-11-2012

I did edit my post but I thought I would point it out, in-case people already read it Smile

And ye money is not an issue.
Would rather have something bigger and better Smile

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 06-26-2012

So the case finally arrived.
But the internal IR receiver works to boot my pc but does not work once in OpenELEC.

Im not sure if its a driver issue or what?
Can anyone help me diagnose?

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - lrusak - 06-26-2012

I'm pretty sure the Moneual 312 IR reciever requires the proper drivers to work. So you may be out of luck.

It's a really nice case, but I don't know how suited to OpenELEC it would be because of the IR reciever and I don't believe the volume knob would be functional either.

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 06-26-2012

Ah damn that sucks.
Is there any chance we could get the drivers incorporated into OpenELEC?

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - lrusak - 06-26-2012

looks like you may be in luck.

although I don't know if lirc on OpenELEC has the mplay driver

PS: you could try SSHing in and doing
lircd -n -H mplay
it may work, or it may error

Re: New HTPC for OpenELEC - SavellM - 06-26-2012

Hey mate.

Thanks for your help so far.
I have done this:

root ~ # lircd -n -H mplay
lircd-0.9.0[2523]: lircd(mplay) ready, using /var/run/lirc/lircd

And its just sitting there like that.
Is that the correct way for it to work?