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Incorrect time - Bram77 - 05-09-2012

The time on my OpenElec Pvr installation, eventhough my timezone settings are correct (netherlands ~ amsterdam). The time is two hours behind. The date is correct.

I can't find the option to manually ajust the time. It's kind of anoying because the EPG is useless now. Any suggestions on how ik can solve the problem?

Re: Incorrect time - ericab - 05-10-2012

When Linux boots, one of the initialization scripts will run the /sbin/hwclock program to copy the current hardware clock time to the system clock.

check the hw-clock in your bios;
if this happens frequently, it may be time to replace the mainboard CMOS battery.

Re: Incorrect time - Bram77 - 05-10-2012

I always thought xbmc synced it's time with a internet service?!