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Pvr Function - paulkaielder - 03-24-2011


Just wondered if this is possible in openelec, I know it's not a 100% in xbmc but pretty cool, like the simplicity of openelec, keep up the good work


Re: Pvr Function - therio - 03-24-2011

Not yet, but I know there's some progress on XBMC for it. When it is included, we'll have it too Wink

Re: Pvr Function - paulkaielder - 03-24-2011

Thanks Therio, Fingers crossed, but looking at it on xbmc I think it's still sometime of. Smile

Re: Pvr Function - Telebuddy - 03-24-2011

You can try the OpenELEC fork from Gujs.

Realted thread

There's a few branches available, I think you'll want either the openelec-pvr or openelec-pvr-master. I think the pvr branch is based on Dharma, and the pvr-master branch is based on the current XBMC svn.

I'm hoping to try this over the weekend, will let you know how I go.

Re: Pvr Function - paulkaielder - 03-24-2011

Cheers Telebuddy, would be interested to know, and what your using for tv card. I'm trying unbuntu bionacle, but not having much luck


Re: Pvr Function - Telebuddy - 03-25-2011

Hi Paul,

I've been playing around with a mini-itx box so I'm stuck with a USB dongle. I'm in the process of getting the drivers included for the K-World 499U-2T, a dual dvb-t tuner using the AF9035 chipset.

I've got a custom distro based on 0.99.3 with the drivers included but without the xbmc integration I haven't been able to see if they're working or not.

The best place to find a suitable card would be I think any card supported there will work, or if it's not you should be able to find drivers to include in a custom build.

If you have any other questions or need some help let me know and I'll do what I can to help.



Re: Pvr Function - paulkaielder - 03-26-2011

Hi Phil

I need some help with this. I'm trying to get xbmc working with pvr have got the xbmc with pvr working but can not get it working with vdr, myth tv and nediaportal just don't work as a backend for me it seems to be my SQL is the problem I'm not doing something correct if you can help it would be appreciated


Re: Pvr Function - Telebuddy - 03-27-2011

Hi Paul,

I didn't have as productive a weekend as I'd hoped. Unfortunately family comes first, especially on the weekends.

I haven't got my OpenELEC using the xbmc-pvr stuff built yet. Sad

My first challenge will be to see if the drivers I've included will get my tuner recognised in TvHeadend and see how that all works. I think in the long term I'm hoping to use VDR but that will require some additional packages in the OpenELEC distro.

I'm assuming that since you've mentioned media portal that you're using a remote server for your pvr? If not then the only PVR package supported with OpenELEC at the moment as far as I know is TvHeadend. This seems to be the one that's getting the most focus from the xbmc team.

I'll hopefully have my build up and running in the next day or so and I'll let you know how things go.



Re: Pvr Function - paulkaielder - 03-27-2011

Thanks for the update Phil. I was actually using win 7 and the tv server from media portal, it took me four days to figure it out now working and quiet impressed by this. Will be interested to see what you come up with, I like the WESENA itx cases they look smart,
I have built a few media centres for customers and they all love how easy it is to use, where I fall down is I'm not that great at compiling the software that's what I like about openelec, notice a link to to your site so have submitted my email, thanks for keeping up to date and good lick with the build