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Unresponsive to IR remote - slvrback - 08-29-2012

My AppleTV has been unresponsive to any IR input since installing openelec. I've tried various builds all to the same effect... everything else works fine and I can control via the xbmc web interface but the apple remote doesn't work nor does any third party remotes.
I should also add that the LED is blinking orange despite the fact everything appears to be running fine except the IR

English isn't my first language I apologise if I've made a mistake.

Any suggestions?

Re: Unresponsive to IR remote - chewitt - 08-30-2012

SSH into the box and share the URLs from the following commands:

dmesg | paste
ps -ef | paste
cat /var/log/messages | paste
and what happens if you run the command

from the shell, does the led stop blinking?

Re: Unresponsive to IR remote - slvrback - 08-30-2012

typing atvclient the console just returns "IR receiver not found, quitting"

Can I add I reverted back to the original OS and the remote worked again... its fine now in openelec

Re: Unresponsive to IR remote - chewitt - 08-31-2012

The error message you saw from atvclient indicates a hardware problem, but if restoring the Apple OS and then reinstalling OpenELEC fixed things it sounds more like something in BIOS settings. I guess we have another line entry in the long list of "random shit that ATVs sometimes do" Smile