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Upgrade XBMC - jansterk - 09-06-2012

Hi, first of all I'm new to OPENELEC and XMBC.
I have an Asroch ION 152B and have installed OPENELEC and XMBC. I'm suffering from the fact that the screen calibration is lost everytime I reboot. This is annoying. I have read that an upgrade to a new build of XBMC will help.
My question is now ... How do I do that (only update XBMC) ?
Thanks for the help

Re: Upgrade XBMC - escalade - 09-06-2012

You don't, OpenELEC is an appliance. Just update OpenELEC, it will include a new XBMC.

Re: Upgrade XBMC - jansterk - 09-06-2012

Thanks for the fast reply. If I do that will I loose all my settings?

Re: Upgrade XBMC - xe - 09-06-2012


RE: Upgrade XBMC - Shugudun - 11-11-2020

I love upgrades