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/Storage stops being writeable ? - bilbonvidia - 09-07-2012

As per the title this seems to happen after a while, a reboot fixes temporarily, has anyone else seen this before?

I have installed dropbox which is in the process of synching, but using it only seems to happen for a few minutes then the system stops being writable and I can't write anything to storage at all without a reboot.

Re: /Storage stops being writeable ? - bilbonvidia - 09-09-2012

turns out my motherboard it ^%£&^ed. Specifically the hd controllers. Now on usb stick.

Re: /Storage stops being writeable ? - Lennis - 09-17-2012

I sometimes have problem with /storage gets remounted as read only.
This causes xbmc to freeze and i can´t even reboot through panic botton on remote or through SSH access.

Anyone has any ideas why this happens?
My setup is: Self compiled from Master with spotify.
Hardware: Zotaz Ad10nano, Fusion E-350, Sundtek MediaTv.

Regards Lennis

Switched my SD-card to an internal 3.5HDD and all my problems regarding read only filesytem went away.');