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FFS - roden - 09-22-2012

Ok new one for you chaps. It just goes on and on.

I have now a perfect working setup working from a 4gb card.

I have re-installed to a 16gb Extreme pro card, all was going ok until i changed the default menu images on my setup.

Now even though the 2 cards are exact copies, and i have even copied my custom images into the same place as the other card, all i get on boot is a black screen?

Now, am i correct in thinking when you select a custom image for a background, for videos for example, it does not just USE the image, but converts or caches it some how?, only reason i can think of.

What file would i have to delete or replace to return the skin to default?, if that is indeed the problem.

I am running 1.0.2 and Aon Nox 1.7.0

Otherwise i am going to have to sart all over again, again Sad

Re: FFS - xe - 09-22-2012

I believe that if you manually delete an addon skin XBMC will always default back to confluence

Re: FFS - roden - 09-22-2012

Ok, well i cant get the machine to boot from that card, but i can ssh into it when the screen is black, what do i delete and where?

Re: FFS - xe - 09-23-2012

open ssh

go to /storage/.xbmc

and look about for the skin you install

then remove it and reboot

Re: FFS - roden - 09-23-2012

All i can find is a .zip file, ill try that