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Acer RL70-UR10P Audio Stuttering - monkeybox - 10-07-2012

I recently bought an Acer RL70-UR10P to replace my Zotac (too loud!). The RL70 is great: quiet, integrated IR, etc. But I have a problem.

About once every 15 minutes, the audio will do a quick 1 second 'stutter'. It happens no matter what sound format is playing (DTS, dolby, mp3's, etc). I've tried messing with the AV sync, but it appears to make no difference.

Running the Fusion Build of the release candidate (it happened in beta 6 as well). My asound.conf is simple and copied from the examples:
pcm.!default {
type plug
slave {
# pcm "hw:1,0" #delete the first hash for sound over analog
# pcm "hw:1,1" #delete the first hash for sound over optical
pcm "hw:0,3" #delete the first hash for sound over hdmi
rate 48000

Any ideas? Anybody with similar issues?