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Audio Dropoff at random points - anthonydt - 11-22-2012

Hi All, Hope someone can help me please!

So a few weeks ago i installed a new Generic build Openelec 2.0, it's great but did come with some teething problems as one would expect but thanks to the forum and the chat i have managed get over most of my problems... apart from 1.

At random points of every video file i have the sound will drop off for about a second or two, i'm running my htpc via hdmi only to my av amp. The video continues to play fine, on my av amp i can see the audio input from the source disappears for that second or two and then comes back as normal. I've changed the hdmi cable in case it was that but i still seem to experience this audio glitch. I've also tried the new frodo build but that seems to do the same thing.

Is there anybody out there experiencing the same thing or can suggest a fix or something please?

Specs of machine:
Lenovo Q180
Dual Core 2.13Ghz Atom CPU
4GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD6450 GPU (with audio over hdmi support)



Re: Audio Dropoff at random points - anthonydt - 11-23-2012

any suggestions on this guys?