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ZBOX nano Series - Zodler - 11-23-2012

Hi guys. I need recommendations for small HTPCs. So I came across ZBOX nano Series.
I see there are two series. The nano series which are bigger with Intel/AMD and Nano XS which has AMD.

So naturally I like this ZOTAC ZBOX nano XS AD11

which looks really small. Is this powerful enough? I will use openelec and watch 1080p MKV files. Which one do you recommend of the Nano Series?

Re: ZBOX nano Series - fido - 11-23-2012

It is powerful enough, yes, but very noisy.
I would not recommend it for HTPC usage.

I use the Zbox AD04 myself and actually have a Nano. I bought the Nano first but it simply is too noisy.

The AD04 on the other hand, is silent as the grave. It claims the fan is running at 1000 rpm, but I can visually see that it is not moving Big Grin
And temps are fine Wink


Re: ZBOX nano Series - Zodler - 11-23-2012

It's not just nano, Its nano xs that I'm considering. Is nano xs still noisy?

Re: ZBOX nano Series - fido - 11-23-2012

Sorry about that, I meant nano XS.
I have the AD04 and the Nano XS.

I would never go anywhere near Intels Atom platform or the ION platform, so AMD for my low power systems.
A friend of mine bought an AMD nano, he says the noise is bearable, but audible.

I don't see any way of going *that* tiny without a much bigger heatsink - and the heatsink in the nano series is stupidly small. They could have made the XS work fanless if they had just made the top of the case a part of the heatsink.. But noo.. That's too goddamn EPIC.

I suggest that you go find both the XS and the AD04 in a store, so you can see the difference. The AD04 is a little over double in size, but still very small considering what you get. And you still get the remote, wifi, etc.

I'd recommend the AD04, but neither of the Nano series. Noise is a no-go for me Smile

Re: ZBOX nano Series - Zodler - 11-24-2012

Wow that's bad news. I really need a small HTPC for trips. Anything smaller than what you recommended?

Re: ZBOX nano Series - fido - 11-24-2012

If it's only for trips, then you could just opt to either use a laptop or go with the Nano XS and live with the noise.

For me, the noise is much too audible. I could *easily* hear it ~4 meters away, while watching movies. - And it was located *behind* med tv set. :/

But the Zbox AD04 is not *that* big, and it's very light.. So I dunno. I'd just go for that Smile

Re: ZBOX nano Series - Zodler - 12-18-2012

I finally got ZOTAC ZBOX nano XS AD11 and have been using it for days.

Indeed it is noisy as you said but you have to remember this is a PC so you have to tweak it. I was able to "remove" the noise. You go to BIOS and in Hardware Monitor you play with the settings.

The CPU Fan was around 4100 RPM and that caused the noise. I tried different modes and managed to make the fan speed to go at around 2900 RPM and its not noisy anymore. However its hot as hell! I guess this is the best I can get out of it. It's so hot that you should be careful where you put it!

So how about the slightly bigger ZOTAC ZBOX nano? You say its as bad as XS?

Re: ZBOX nano Series - fido - 12-18-2012

I did the same and when you install OpenElec (for instance) or XBMC, it actually adjusts the fan speed automatically, so the effect is the same for me.

I disabled the fan entirely and the box crashed within minutes Big Grin

It's slightly bigger. Not much.
I'm using the AD04 now (not a Nano), which works flawlessly (and fanlessly) for me Smile

Re: ZBOX nano Series - Zodler - 12-18-2012

For how long have you kept your nano XS ON with that heat? I turn it off every night.