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AMD Fusion Audio Help - rishi - 12-05-2012


Just upgraded to OE 2.95.3. With this, was wondering if I could get OE to finally passthrough all my FLAC audio files to my AVR without decoding? Currently, whenever I play FLAC audio (am not talking about multichannel FLAC here, just 2 channel FLAC) and check the input in my AVR, it shows as PCM 44.1 KHz. Am assuming OE decodes and sends this over to the AVR. Can't this be sent over as FLAC to the AVR? My AVR (Onkyo 509) can decode FLAC.

I have a Zotac Nano AD10, running OE 2.95.3.

Re: AMD Fusion Audio Help - lem - 12-05-2012

You would need to somehow send the FLAC over the network. However, there is no advantage to this.
FLAC is just like ZIP - it's does matter whether your AVR or OE unpacks it.

Re: AMD Fusion Audio Help - lem - 12-05-2012

That said, some people have noted issues with AMD chipsets and audio quality. Is that why you are trying to bypass OE?

Re: AMD Fusion Audio Help - rishi - 12-05-2012

Thanks for your response.

Am not sure about the technical aspect of it, but I do see a significant difference in sound quality between when I play my FLAC files on my AVR directly off an external drive vs. playing them via OE. When doing the former, the AVR detects the sound file as a FLAC, while in the latter case, the file is being sent as a PCM. So, was thinking may be that's the reason?

Re: AMD Fusion Audio Help - RogerS - 12-05-2012

Please give more information about the FLAC files you play. Like number bits (16 or 24) and sampling frequency.
My experience is that audio via HDMI on an ATI is even more limited than via SPDIF. I could play 24 bit 96 KHz stereo FLAC files via SPDIF but via HDMI it was limited to 48 KHz. Hence a degraded audio quality (re-sampling is not a strong point of the Audioengine).

I think you have two options:
1] Use SPDIF if you are only interested in Stereo PCM audio and DTS / Dolby Digital is sufficient for you.
2] Buy a cheap passive cooled NVIDIA card (GT610 is more than sufficient) and use the HDMI output of the NVIDIA card if you also want multi channel PCM or DTS-MA / Dolby TrueHD.

Re: AMD Fusion Audio Help - lrusak - 12-05-2012

Do you have LPCM enabled?

does your reciever accept LPCM?

AMD can only do 2.0 LPCM

Re: AMD Fusion Audio Help - musicmaya - 12-06-2012


can you rephrase your question, with full context what you are looking at.