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Asrock Ion 330 HT-BD, recomendations - ImALegendKiller - 12-14-2012

Hey folks! I have been running OpenELEC on my Asrock Ion 330 HT-BD for a good while now and really love the results. Now that there are versions of OpenELEC running PVR, I was considering cutting out my cable box and using OpenELEC to serve as my DVR. My main questions are:

1) Is the Ion 330 HT-BD powerful enough to handle live tv and recording tv?
2) What USB tuner would you recommend for me to use for the 330 HT-BD?
3) Is setting up the PVR functionality as simple as installing the OpenELEC build with PVR and hooking the cable cord in to the usb tuner, then running a scan?

Thanks in advance for the help!