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Openelec issues - fourte3n - 12-29-2012

I have been having issue of late.

Openelec 1 worked fine and I regretting upgrading

Openelec 2 worked great until the first reboot, then it decided to jump and stutter playing video

Openelec 3 needs audio to be reset after ever boot up. It deleted my custom audio changes made in openelec 1 and left me with new options, I chose to use the HDMI to Sony TV which worked until first reboot. The settings are fine but until i fiddle with settings it is silent.

Sorry for the complaining but I expected things to get easier in newer versions but it seems to get worse.

Re: Openelec issues - fourte3n - 12-29-2012

I now think that the sound issue in openelec 3 is fixed by rebooting the box after everything is on.

xbmc sits on suspend mode, the tv, amp and box are turned on by a universal remote. So either the new version doesnt like the tv coming on at the same time (or after) or there;s an issue with suspend mode.

Re: Openelec issues - bahmun - 12-29-2012

same issue as this?');

Re: Openelec issues - fourte3n - 12-30-2012

thanks. following those now

Re: Openelec issues - fourte3n - 02-02-2013

I fixed it with this..

"Fixed the problem by settings Vertical blank sync to Let driver choose."