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2.99.1 "Error - no devices found" - markguy - 01-04-2013

I updated to 2.99.1 and the box hung (for about 30m) when rebooting after updating. I pulled the plug, powered it on and everything came back fine... except there's no sound. And checking System -> Settings -> Audio output, I see listed beside both "Audio output device" and "Passthrough audio device" : "Error - no devices found".

I'd post logs and such, but I'm headed out for date night with the wife momentarily... which in retrospect, seems like a terrible time to update the media box. I'm hoping to salvage the latter portion of the evening by quickly asking if anyone has a clever solution. And if not, I'll post responsibly tomorrow morning.


Re: 2.99.1 "Error - no devices found" - markguy - 01-04-2013

Huh. Okay, I don't know if this is better or worse. Now any time I reboot it from the OpenELEC menu, it hangs. Powering down and bringing it back boots back and then, two of five times so far, can't find the audio device.

Re: 2.99.1 "Error - no devices found" - noromamai - 01-12-2013

experiencing the same problem, after updating to 2.99.1 openelec no longer detects a sound device. although it did work once or twice (out of 10 times).

running on ION x86 board.

edit: i just updated by placing the files in the update dir, but should have deleted the config dir and all (see wiki). so i assume that is the problem, for now i went back to 2.0 until i have more time.