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Artefacts on PVR playback - mcluki - 01-16-2013

Hi there!

Xotac Zbox AD02
AMD Fusion Build
Openelec on SD card

I'm on openelec 2.99.1 usings PVR with tvheadend. 30 IPTV channels - mostly h264 with AC3 audio.

It worked since 1.99.5 but since two days I'm having artefacts on PVR playback. It begins in the lower right corner and gets worse the longer I watch TV.

I attached some photos how it looks after some minutes. Actual log files can be found here:
Syslog: here
dmesg: here
xorg: here
xbmc: here

I know everyone says that but: I didn't change anything :-)

Hope anyone can help because I can't watch TV as long as it's like that.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Everything's working if I watch IPTV in VLC on my computer
PPS: no problems if i watch movies from my NAS