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My HTPC budget build - Vesely - 01-17-2013

My HTPC Budget build.

My aim was to build a HTPC for Openelec and for Windows 8 and place it under my TV in my living room to play movies and music from my NAS.
I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible for the moment.

Components Setup

MB - Asrock E351M - 53 EURO (alternatively Asrock produces this same MB with USB 3.0 but it's much more expensive)
RWM - Kingston KVR1333 2G*2 DDR3- 20 EURO
ODD - Sony Optiarc Slim AD-7760 - 15 EURO
HDD - 250G/5400 rpm - 37 EURO
Case - CFI A6719TG - 26 EURO
Pico PSU - 13 EURO
Any 12V 5A Adapter from - 5 EURO (e-bay)
Microsoft remote clone - 12 EURO (e-bay)

Prices are approximate and without VAT.
The hard drive is from old Lenovo laptop, so it cost me nothing.

Here are some pics of the build:

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 06.jpg]
[Image: 07.jpg]
[Image: 08.jpg]
[Image: 09.jpg]
[Image: 10.jpg]
[Image: 11.jpg]

Pico PSU mod
I tried to keep the adapter in the case, but it was too hot in there, so I decided to leave it outside.
A little case-modding was needed...

[Image: 15.jpg]
[Image: 16.jpg]
[Image: 17.jpg]
[Image: 18.jpg]

Some test results

[Image: 12.jpg]
[Image: 13.png]
[Image: 14.png]


Openelec menu broswing - fluent with Aeon Nox skin.
Openelec fullHD video playback - fluent, no lags.
Windows 8 - VLC Player fullHD video playback - fluent, no lags.
Windows 8 - Firefox, Opera, IExplorer 1080p youtube video playback - fluent, occasional lags.
Tested with a high bitrate fullHD video.

Things to do in the future

Switch to SSD hard drive, waiting to get some small but really cheap one
Switch to Blu-Ray Combo drive
Add Microsoft remote keyboard or similar.

+ Cheap
+ Works great with all movie and audio types I need to play
+ The case has great finish, no dust or scratches or fingerprints visible(except of the plastic parts)
+ Runs Windows 8 well with good performance
+ Can be used to play older 3D games with AMD Radeon VGA on board
+ All kind of video output connectors(VGA, DVI, HDMI)
+ Digital audio outputs, optical as well

- No WiFi on board
- No space for internal Card reader

Comments and questions welcome

My HTPC budget build - wallpaper_01 - 02-05-2013

I really like this! I have an acer revo but its such a stupid shape, I would really like to do something like this!

My HTPC budget build - Vesely - 02-05-2013

One thing I need to solve is the noise comming from the power source fan. I ordered a Pico PSU and an adaptor, so there will be relatively no noise. The CPU fan and the case rear fan is barely hearable so I suppose that will make this HTPC really quiet. I will post some more photos when the pico PSU arrives. I am happy you like my post here, come back later to check for new photos and stuff.

My HTPC budget build - 0blar - 02-22-2013


Where did you buy the CFI A6719TG case ?

I'm interested to build an htpc whith this case

What mother board do you advice for full hd, 3D, HD DTS iso blueray movies ? Whitch hardware do you recomand to fit the case ?


My HTPC budget build - Vesely - 02-22-2013

Hi, it was from a local supplier here in Slovakia.
Maybe you can try or similar local supplier.
but truth is, the case was very cheap and quite nice.
Now I will add some more pics, I already have this working with a pico PSU and a standard 60 Watt power source.
The default power source which came within the case was too noisy, so I decided to mod it a bit.
Now I can hear the CPU FAN and the case fan, which I was not before, as the fan in the power source was so loud.
Maybe I will do something with that in the future too Smile

My HTPC budget build - Vesely - 02-22-2013

And for the 3D DTS, I'd rather recommend some mini ITX board with extra intel CPU, not Atom or AMD e450 integrated CPUs.
Maybe GIGABYTE Z77N-WIFI + maybe some Core i5 CPU...

My HTPC budget build - Vesely - 02-22-2013

Hi folks, so I added some pics of the pico PSU mod which is really great.
The fan noise is now barely hearable during the day and not disturbing at night.
I cut a little alluminium plate with a circular hole for the adapter female connector.
If you want to use the pico PSU mod, you can buy a case without power source and get a 60-90 Watt adapter instead.
Any questions welcome again.
Hope you like my post.

My HTPC budget build - 0blar - 02-22-2013


I searched thru the newegg website and can't find the case
Maybe you can give me a link ? or advice me for onother one in the same style ?


My HTPC budget build - Vesely - 02-23-2013

Hi Oblar, you are right, newegg does not have such case. But try to look here:
Basically you can use any case compatible with Mini ITX form factor.
Just choose the one you like and check if it has all internal slots you need.
For example if you want a internal card reader, choose a case which has that slot etc..
Here is the company I use to buy hardware here in Slovakia, but I am afraid they don't ship abroad.
Actually they don't sell the model already, but here is similar:

My HTPC budget build - 0blar - 02-24-2013

Hello Vesely

Thanks for your help

Sorry to ask you these questions on your thread, maybe I should create another one ?

Can you tell me if these features will be OK to fit my needs (play 2D&3D iso blueray with HD DTS on NAS) :
case :
proc: I3 3225
mother board: ASRock H77M-ITX
ram: 4Gb
OS: oenelec

I'm looking for an usb infrared receptor (I will connect it in one of the usb front pannel) compatible with Openelec to control with an remote control (harmony 1100, IMON and MCE), can you advice me one ?

Thanks for your work