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Optimize DLNA playback from HDHomerun Prime - nivanov - 01-21-2013

SiliconDust finally released their beta firmware for HDHomerun Prime, and now all channels (HD, Premium) are available over DLNA. I have Zotac AD10 Plus (AMD Fusion) and I'm running OpenElec 3.0 RC1.

When I start playback of one of the HD channels and display debug info, the CPU usage hovers around 70% on both cores. That seems a bit high, since I thought MPEG2 stream playback should be hardware accelerated on Fusion. Also, after 10 seconds or so, the stream becomes pixelated and stutters, and CPU usage climbs to 100% and the stream becomes unwatchable. When I stream TV using NextPVR client, playback is ok and the stream isn't getting transcoded, so I think the HTPC itself has enough muscle to play the stream.

Does openelec support mpeg2 acceleration via XVBA? Is there anything I can do to improve playback over DLNA?