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Airplay audio lipsync problem - nieldm - 02-07-2013


First post here after having used Openelec for a few weeks now on my two ATV1's and loving it. What I am asking here may be ambitious or even beyond the scope of Openelec, but I would welcome some input or thoughts.

Let me paint the picture. I have an iPad wallmount in my bathroom, where there is also a ceiling speaker connected to an amp in my AV cabinet. The same amp is connected to my ATV1 running Openelec/XBMC. Thinking I can do better than the crappy sound from the iPad, I turned on Airplay on xbmc and sure enough I can get the audio through the speakers, no biggie there I guess. HOWEVER, I tried to get clever and, using Sky Go (I am in the UK, for those who aren't Sky Go is an app from Sky TV so that a user can play most of their subscribed channels on an iDevice), I activated Airplay and the sound comes out of the speakers (irrelevant here, but Sky Go only supports audio via Airplay) albeit with about a half second delay to the video playing on the iPad.

This is, most probably, inevitable given that the video is playing "direct" from Sky and I am sending the audio over Airplay and through circuitry to the speakers, but I just thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone cleverer than me (ie all of you) had any thoughts or experience. An audio delay whilst sitting in the tub watching live sports isn't a problem, but for news programs etc it's a bit of a nuisance!

Thoughts anyone?

Airplay audio lipsync problem - nieldm - 02-07-2013

Just to add to this. I also have an ATV2, on which I also have xbmc installed, so I tested with that. Using the ATV2's built in airplay there was no delay to the audio, everything was nicely in sync. I then disabled native Airplay and went to xbmc and used the xbmc airplay. There was a delay.

Obviously the above has nothing to do with Openelec, so I might be better posting in the xbmc forums, but I suspect they may point me here!

Input appreciated.

Airplay audio lipsync problem - redshield3 - 03-05-2013

Similar issue - playing just music with airplay with multiple devices selected, one is xbmc one is the computer - xbmc has an audio delay, whereas my airport expresses sync with the computer fine.