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Zotac HD-ID40 (ION2) Sound through Optical - Beaker - 03-09-2013


i have question to you. My AMP is Broken and doesn't show any Picture, Sound is OK but i have to use Optical Audio till i buy a new AMP. This could take some time... so i recently installed XBMC Frodo (Latest RC4 Build Date 01 March) and wanted to set my Audio to Optical. But what do i have to set my Audio output device to? I tried SPDIF but no sound at all. I read about setting it to custom but this option is gone in Frodo it seems. Please if somebody know how to set Audio to Optical on my ID40 (ION2), tell me. I know there are much Topics but all i read till now end in nothing or are old and for EDEN.

Greetings and Thanks in advance

Edit: Got it had to reinstall EDEN now Sound is going through Optical and Video through HDMI!