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Apple TV ... /storage size - freduruncle - 04-01-2013

Hi all,

Newbie question.

I just installed openELEC on my old Apple TV Gen 1. I know this unit only has a 40 gB HDD in it. I'm confused because when I go to the Storage information tab in the System Info secion, it reports that /storage has 146 GB with 11.7 used! Am I misinterpreting what this is or is it a bug?


Apple TV ... /storage size - chewitt - 04-01-2013

Are you sure it has a 40GB HDD? .. because 146+11.7 = 157.7 which is about right for the formatted size of a 160GB HDD (the other standard size in an ATV)

Apple TV ... /storage size - chewitt - 04-01-2013

Snap a pic with a smartphone and upload it somewhere

Apple TV ... /storage size - freduruncle - 04-01-2013

Aaack! I bet you are correct. I bought this thing when it was new.... way back when they first came out and cost $350+! My 62 year old mind must be slipping. I _thought_ I'd bought the smaller one but on reflection, I bought the smaller Time Capsule router .... and not the smaller Apple TV. I'll have to check it somehow. Now that the original OS is wiped, I'm not sure now to do that. The simple way is to just cyberduck .iso images over there until it starts complaining and add them up Smile

The reason I care is that last night I put some video on it and all was well. Then I came down this morning and it was CRAWLING. 5 minutes to respond to a button press. I turned off some add-ons, restarted a few times and it got "ok" again. I hope that it remains well behaved. I was thinking I had used up all the HD space and there was no cache space but there is no way I had 160 gb of stuff over there. It was maybe 10 gb of tv video and 3 or 4 5 gb movie files disk images.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Apple TV ... /storage size - freduruncle - 04-01-2013

Ok....feel like an idiot now Smile Found this on the Apple Forum ........

The 40gb unit is Model No. MA711LL/A The 160gb unit is Model No. MB189B/A

and mine is indeed the MB189B/A so I guess I have more space than I thought. If I had to be wrong, at least I'm wrong in the right direction!

thanks again...